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Science Center, Kirkpatrick Lecture Hall (A011)

Hyun Jung Kim, Ph.D.
Assistant Staff
Department of Inflammation and Immunity
Lerner Research Institute
Cleveland Clinic

Hyun Jung Kim is the principal investigator of The Biomimetic Microengineering (BioME) Laboratory in the Department of Inflammation and Immunity at Cleveland Clinic. He has focused on innovating microphysiological platform technologies to uncover fundamental questions in human health and diseases. By leveraging the miniaturized human “gut-on-a-chip” microsystem, Dr. Kim has developed paradigm-shifting models that reconstitute the physical structure, physiological function and mechanical dynamics of the living human intestine (Nat. Protoc. 2022; PNAS 2018; iScience, 2019 & 2020; PNAS, 2016). His research group has been particularly interested in emulating a host-microbiome ecosystem that orchestrates human health and diseases by integrating transdisciplinary approaches of clinical microbiology, microfluidics and tissue engineering. He has spearheaded to develop a “Patient’s Avatar” model by integrating patient-derived organoids, fecal microbiota and tissue-specific immune cells to emulate the pathophysiology of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), including Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC) and colorectal cancer (CRC).

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