Seminars: Fall 2014

Our Monday Seminars for the fall of 2014 were devoted to candidate presentations for our faculty search. 

23 October: 

Michael E. Hood, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Department Chair, Biology Department, Amherst College.  "'A Mere Mass of Cryptogamic Powder:' From Disease Ecology to Sex Chromosome Evolution"

Research Summary:
  "This presentation will be in two parts, the first dealing with the background of
studies in the Hood lab, the second focusing on new directions of research on sex chromosome evolution. The projects utilize pathogenic fungi in the genus Microbotryum, which serve as excellent models for sexual eukaryotes more broadly.  Even though the development and life histories of these fungi are strikingly different from familiar plants and animals, their genome architecture reveals remarkable similarities and helps to inform fundamental aspects of geneticallydetermined mating compatibility.



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