The Biology Department page offers general information about the Biology major, courses, faculty and staff, and upcoming events. However, the Biology Steering Committee decided to create a more tailored website towards students and their experiences. We want to continue to foster community among the student body by offering academic and social opportunities for both majors and potential students. Our website will include information about the major, list upcoming department and social events, and better connect students to resources such as the Q Center, internship opportunities, and alumni.

Majors and Prospective Students

The major requires introductory courses in biology and chemistry, core courses in organismal and cellular/molecular biology, and several fun electives! This major gives students a broad basis in biological concepts and then allows for further exploration into areas of the student’s choosing. Many students undertake a senior thesis, choosing to conduct an independent research project in one of the Department’s laboratories. Please explore the course catalog to learn more about the exciting coursework offered!

Here are the required courses for the completion of the biology major!

Biology Major Requirements

Link to course offerings for this semester + the entire course catalog.

Biology Courses

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Alumni Spotlight

Read about biology alumna Suzan Murray ’84, the program director of the Smithsonian’s Global Health Program,  as she works to combat the next viral outbreak—75 percent of which, like COVID-19, leap from animals to humans.

Biology Q&A

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