Academic Resources

Moss Quantitative Center

The entrance to the Moss Q Center in the Amherst College Science Center The Moss Quantitative Center, named after former Dean Onawumi Jean Moss, offers help and support for students in quantitative coursework. You can either make an appointment with a Q Center staff member for personalized help, attend peer tutoring and teaching assistant sessions, access course materials and supplemental work, or participate in the Pre-Health Peer Mentoring Program. The Q Center is in the Science Center atrium near D109, D107, and D111.

The Moss Quantitative Center will continue to offer tutoring and help sessions virtually via Zoom. Supplemental work and tutorials are also available online.

To learn more about Onawumi Jean Moss, her work, and lasting impact on the Amherst community, you can visit her website.

Academic Advising

Before declaring the biology major, you must contact a professor in the department to serve as your advisor. They will help you plan your schedule to fulfill all of the requirements. If you are interested in the major and want to find out more information before declaring, you can go to one of your professor’s office hours or email them directly to set up a meeting.

Professional School and Career Resources

Outside of the Amherst College Loeb Center The Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning is an additional resource for students that offers career and internship guidance. Students interested in health professions can make an appointment with the Health Professions Advisor, Dean Richard Aronson ’69 MD MPH, via Handshake or attend his drop-in office hours. Students Interested in careers in science and technology outside of medical school can meet with Carolyn Margolin, the Director of Careers in Science and Technology.

Internship and Summer Research Resources

Loeb Center and Handshake (summer funding)

Connecting with an advisor in the Loeb Center and talking to your professors is a great way to start an internship search. Handshake is a platform used by the Loeb Center that includes many job and internship offerings. The Loeb Center also offers the Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program to support students through their internship search process and during their internships. You must attend certain workshops to become a member of this program, so please see the requirements here. If you find an unpaid internship, you can apply for funding from the Loeb Center. Students with an 8 plus week internship can receive up to $4500 if living away from home, or $3500 if living at home. Funding is also available for students conducting 6-7 week long internships.

Two people holding up alumni t-shirts

Alumni Network

The alumni directory is a very helpful tool to reach out to alumni for advice on their career paths. The Loeb Center provides guidance on how to properly use the directory and reach out to alumni.

Summer Internships: SURF, REUs, and More

There are many formal research based internships available to undergraduates. The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) provides a stipend and housing for Amherst College first-year and sophomores to conduct research in an Amherst lab during the summer.

The National Science Foundation offers summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) in a variety of disciplines. These programs provide a stipend and housing for program participants to conduct research at universities across the U.S. Applications typically include a personal statement and letters of recommendation and are due in February-April. Each program in biological sciences has its own application.

More opportunities are listed on the Amherst website, linked here, including field-specific positions.