Courses in Black Studies

Spring 2021

BLST-111 Introduction to Black Studies

Carol Y. Bailey (Section 01)

BLST-121 Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa

Sean Redding (Section 01)

BLST-134 Hip Hop History and Culture

Amy M. Coddington (Section 01)

BLST-193 The Postcolonial City

Dwight A. Carey (Section 01)

BLST-200 Critical Debates in Black Studies

Alec F. Hickmott (Section 01)

BLST-201 Power and Resistance in the Black Atlantic

Mary E. Hicks (Section 01)

BLST-240 Afro-Latinos

Solsiree Del Moral (Section 01)

BLST-245 King

Alec F. Hickmott (Section 01)

BLST-294 Black Europe

Khary O. Polk (Section 01)

BLST-301 The Architecture of Race

Ashlie A. Sandoval (Section 01)

BLST-321 Riot and Rebellion in Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa

Sean Redding (Section 01)

BLST-347 Race, Sex, and Gender in the U.S. Military

Khary O. Polk (Section 01)

BLST-355 Race and Educational Opportunity in America

Hilary J. Moss (Section 01)

BLST-377 Bad Black Women

Aneeka A. Henderson (Section 01)

BLST-416 Economics of Race and Gender

Jessica Wolpaw Reyes (Section 01)