Major Requirements for Black Studies

The major in Black Studies consists of eight courses: three core courses, three distribution courses, and two electives. The three core courses are BLST 111, BLST 200, and BLST 300. The three distribution courses consist of one course in three of four geographic areas: Africa; the United States; Latin America and the Caribbean; and Africa and its Diaspora. Students may choose the two electives from the department’s offerings, from cross-listed courses, or from other courses at the Five Colleges. Majors fulfill the department's comprehensive requirement by successfully completing Black Studies 300.  Research in Black Studies (BLST 300) prepares students for the kinds of research expected of an honors thesis at the College.  In addition to being a required course, for the major, students hoping to write a senior honors thesis in the department are strongly encouraged to take BLST 300 in their sophomore year whenever possible, especially if the student plans to study abroad in their junior year.

Key for core and distribution requirements for the major: R (Required); A (Africa); US (United States); CLA (Caribbean/Latin America); D (Africa and its Diaspora).