Study Away for Black Studies Majors

The department has a specific distribution of courses that a student must complete in order to graduate with a major in Black Studies. Those requirements are listed in the course catalog and on the "Department Major Form." Black Studies majors should review this form with their advisor each semester.

No more than two courses taken at other institutions, including our sister institutions in the Five College system, may be counted in fulfilling the geographical and/or elective requirements of the Black Studies major.  In order to have those courses count, the student must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Prior to enrolling in the course, the major must provide their advisor with a hard copy of the course description as provided in the other institution's course catalog and obtain the advisor's permission to take the course for Black Studies credit.
  2. During the semester in which the course is taken, the major must petition the Department, in writing, to have the course count toward the major requirements. A hard copy of the course syllabus must be provided with the petition. The Department will vote to accept or not accept the course as meeting the major requirements. If the course is approved, the student must receive a grade of C or higher in order for the course to be counted.

The Registrar also has specific requirements, and a student contemplating a semester or year of study away from the college should consult with the Registrar.