Courses in Chemistry

Spring 2014

CHEM-100 Molecular Gastronomy and Food Science: from Test Tubes to Taste Buds

Patricia B. O'Hara (Section 01)

CHEM-151 Introductory Chemistry

Sheila S. Jaswal (Section 01)

CHEM-161 Chemical Principles

Helen O Leung (Section 01)

CHEM-231 Organic Chemistry II

Nicholas D. Ball (Section 01)
Jonathan A. Collins (Section 01)
Lauren M. Reutenauer (Section 01)

CHEM-331 Biochemistry

Anthony C. Bishop (Section 01)
James A. Hebda (Section 01)
Yan Qi (Section 01)

CHEM-361 Physical Chemistry

Mark D. Marshall (Section 01)

CHEM-408 Seminar in Chemical Biology: The Chemistry/Biology Interface

Anthony C. Bishop (Section 01)