Courses in Chemistry

Fall 2018

CHEM-151 Introductory Chemistry

Sheila S. Jaswal (Section 01)
Mark D. Marshall (Section 01)

CHEM-155 Fundamental Principles of Chemistry

Joseph N. Kushick (Section 01)
Kenneth S. Rotondi (Section 01)

CHEM-161 Chemical Principles

Stephen F. Cartier (Section 01)

CHEM-221 Organic Chemistry I

David E. Hansen (Section 01)
Alberto M. Lopez (Section 01)
Lauren M. Reutenauer (Section 01)
Kenneth S. Rotondi (Section 01)

CHEM-330 Biochemical Principles of Life at the Molecular Level

Anthony C. Bishop (Section 01)
Nidanie Henderson-Stull (Section 01)

CHEM-351 Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy

Helen O Leung (Section 01)

CHEM-371 Inorganic Chemistry

Christopher B. Durr (Section 01)

CHEM-498 Senior Departmental Honors

Anthony C. Bishop (Section 02)
The Department (Section 01)
Sheila S. Jaswal (Section 03)
Helen O Leung (Section 04)
Mark D. Marshall (Section 04)
Anna M. Martini (Section 05)
Alexandra E. Purdy (Section 06)