Chemistry Faculty

Anthony C. Bishop
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Sandra L. Burkett
Associate Professor of Chemistry
David E. Hansen
Professor of Chemistry
Sheila S. Jaswal
Assistant Professor of Chemistry.
Joseph N. Kushick
Professor of Chemistry
Helen O. Leung
George H. Corey 1888 Professor of Chemistry; Co-chair of Chemistry
Mark D. Marshall
Class of 1959 Professor of Chemistry; Co-chair of Chemistry
Patricia B. O'Hara
Amanda and Lisa Cross Professor of Chemistry
Interests: Scholarly interests include fluorescence ensemble and single molecule measurements, biomolecular dynamics, and protein - small molecule interactions. My teaching interests are situated in Biophysical and General Chemistry, with some courses in general science topics such as Molecular Gastronomy and Olive Oil Chemistry. At the College, I served on most committees and was Dean of New Students from 2010-2014. In the 2014-2015 academic year, I am on sabbatical, first as a visiting professor at Bo?azi├ži University in Istanbul, Turkey and then at Stellenbosch University in Capetown, South Africa.
Debra L. Sondak
Visiting Lecturer
Elizabeth R. Young
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Contributing Faculty

Richmond J. Ampiah-Bonney
Academic Manager of the Chemistry Department.
Lauren M. Reutenauer
Academic Manager in Organic Chemistry

Emeritus Faculty

Richard D. Fink
George H. Corey Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus


Joseph M. Boucher
Electronics Shop Technician
Dylan R. Donovan
Assistant Laboratory Coordinator
Kristi Evenson-Ohr
Laboratory Coordinator/Chemical Hygiene Officer
Shelly A. Martin
Associate Academic Department Coordinator
Catherine A. Stillerman
Academic Department Coordinator

Merrill Hall