Students considering a major in Chemistry should consult a member of the Department as early as possible, preferably during their first year. This will help in the election of a program which best fits their interests and abilities and which makes full use of previous preparation. Programs can be arranged for students considering careers in chemistry, chemical physics, biochemistry, biophysical chemistry, biomedical research, medicine, and secondary school science teaching. 

You will need four foundational chemistry courses (CHEM-151/155, CHEM-161/165, CHEM-221, and CHEM-231, taken in that order) as preparation for advanced courses in Chemistry.  Please see the web page "For Non-Majors and New Students" for information about this sequence.  You will also need to complete (or receive placement in lieu of) MATH-121 and PHYS-116/123 to satisfy prerequisites for two of the required upper-level courses.  Those students intending to elect CHEM-330 or CHEM-331 will also need BIOL-191.

Students interested in a career in medicine should consult the health professions website for recommendations about completing pre-medical requirements.

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