There are many ways to complete a major in chemistry.  Students considering a major in Chemistry should consult a member of the Department as early as possible, preferably during their first year. This will help in the election of a program which best fits their interests and abilities and which makes full use of previous preparation. Programs can be arranged for students considering careers in chemistry, chemical physics, biochemistry, biophysical chemistry, biomedical research, medicine, and secondary school science teaching. 

The minimum course requirements for a major in Chemistry are CHEM 151 or 155, 161 or 165, 221, 231, 351, 361, and 371, and one elective.  Please note that some Chemistry courses require successful completion of work in other departments.  For the required courses, the non-Chemistry pre-requisites are MATH 111 for CHEM 161 or 165, MATH 121 and PHYS 116 or 123 for CHEM 351 and 361.  The elective can be an additional Chemistry course numbered in the 300s or 400s (excluding 498/499) and may have non-Chemistry pre-requisities.  Special topics courses (390/490) used to satisfy the elective require advance approval by the department.  Students are encouraged to discuss their proposed course of study for the major with a member of the Department, as there may be years when staffing considerations preclude offering one of the required courses.

Two possible pathways are shown below.  There are many other possible pathways, please consult with a member of the department to have one best designed for you.  The starred courses indicate that non-Chemistry pre-requisites are required, which must be fulfilled before enrolling in these courses.

An example - beginning with Chemistry 151/5 in the fall of the first year:

  • Year 1: CHEM 151/5 (Fall); CHEM 161/5 (Spring)
  • Year 2: CHEM 221 (Fall); CHEM 231 (Spring)
  • Years 3 & 4: CHEM 351* or CHEM 371* or elective (Fall); CHEM 361* or elective* (Spring)

 An example - beginning with Chemistry 151 in the spring of the first year:

  • Year 1: CHEM 151 (Spring)
  • Year 2: CHEM 161 (Fall); CHEM 221 (Spring)
  • Years 3: CHEM 231 (Fall); CHEM 361* or elective* (Spring)
  • Year 4: CHEM 351* and CHEM 371* (Fall); CHEM 361* or elective* (Spring)