Study Away in Chemistry

The minimum requirements for a major in Chemistry are 8 courses and fulfillment of the comprehensive requirement.  Once the four foundational courses (CHEM 151/5, 161/5, 221, 231) are taken, students may take the upper level courses in any order provided the non-departmental prerequisites are satisfied.  Because of this flexibility, many Chemistry majors study away for one semester, and in some cases, for two semesters.  Students are advised to consult with a member of the department to discuss their study away plans and to design a path to complete the major.  Students should also reach out to the Amherst College Office of Global Study for details and information on study away opportunities.

Study away programs typically do not include courses that are appropriate substitutes for the upper level required courses or elective in chemistry, but it is possible that regular courses offered by a chemistry department (or equivalent) in institutions worldwide would be suitable.  Students should provide a course description or syllabus to their advisor for departmental approval in advance of the study away program.