Everett H. Pryde Research Award

The Dr. Everett H. Pryde '39 Research Award was established in 1985 by Phyllis W. Pryde in honor of her late husband. The Pryde fund is used to bring to the college distinguished Alumni who specialize in the field of Chemistry, to present a lecture/seminar and to honor a senior who has been an outstanding research assistant in chemistry and who shows great promise for carrying out research in science or medicine.  Everett Pryde had a distinguished research career in natural products chemistry, publishing more than 100 papers, and was awarded 20 patents.  At the time of his death Dr. Pryde was Research Leader in the Exploratory Organic Reactions Research Group at the USDA’s Northern Regional Research Center.  A plaque has been placed on the wall of the Chemistry Office listing the names of past guest lecturers.

Past Pryde Award Recipients   Past Pryde Lecturers
Christopher Gerry '14 and Joseph Messinger '14      Henry T. Keutmann '59
Claudia Gelfond '13   Sarah Miller '03
Kimberly Maize '11   Laurie Pryde Shornick
Jean-Nicolas Gallant '10   Jyllian N. Kemsley '94
Evelyn Auyeung '09   David K. Lewis '64
Furqan Fazal and Lauren Benson '08   Michael L. Dougan '02
Chantae Sullivan '07 and Joshua Levenson '07   Thomas A. Spencer '56
Narae Ko '06 and Dan Savage '06   Scott R. Carter '92
Christine L. Hagan '05   Jason M. Belitsky '97
Gerard J. Hilinski '04   David A. Kessler '73
Sarah M. Miller '03 and Shivang S. Shah '03   Richard W. Franck '58
Michael L. Dougan '02   Inger K. Damon '84
Robert B. Long '01 and Jonathan C. Min '01   Ezekiel J. Emanuel '79
Katherine Poulin '00 and M. Kathryn Doud '00   Amy Kathleen Barczak '96
Kathleen Missett '99   Herman M. Cho '81
Cynthia Matsushita '98   John D. Lipscomb '69
Jason Belitsky '97 and Dan Fernandez '97   Susan Prattis '80
Elena Karp '96 and Dengda Tang '96   Robert I. Kamen '65
Sanjeev Makan '95   Robert T. Sauer '72
Brian Bean '94 and Valerie Macek '94   Amy C. Rosenzweig '88
Susanne Swalley '93   Jon K. deRiel '68
Joanne Yun '92   Arthur H. Landy '61
Kelly Loeb '91   Margaret Robinson Farrar '81
    Howard Steinman '65
    Robert G. Knowlton '70
    Frederick D. Lewis '65
    Robert W. Field '65

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