White Family Fund for Chemistry

Established in 1972 by the family of John F. White '02 and John W. White '34. This fund is to be used for an undergraduate scholarship in the field of chemistry, or for a specific project or projects, including, but not limited to, a summer research fellowship in the chemistry department.


Alexander DaRosa '24 and Phoebe Eccles '24
Danny Jeong '23 and Ella Vacchi '23
Mayesha Ahmed '22, Maria Gramotina '22, and Jonah Horowitz '22
Yusrah Kaudeer '21 and Chae Young Seo '21
Anna Makar-Limonov '20 and Kashmeera Baboolall '20
Laboni Hoque '19
Bailey Plaman '18 and Leonard Yoon '18
Eric B. Conklin '17 and Niyi O. Odewade '17
Mark Boyer '16 and Jovan Damjanovic '16
Kathryn Sundheim '15
Christine Bierema '14 and Christopher Gerry '14
Ewuradjoa Gadzanku '13
Mable Lam '12
Paul M. Cohen and Kimberly M. Maize '11
Aaron T. Bozzi and Leigh K. Harris '10
Tasha Drake and Peter Foote '09
Jack Angiolillo and Cristina Irimia '08
Josh E. Levenson '07
Katharine K. Duncan, Narae Ko, and Debanti Sengupta '06
Winn T. Cashion '05
Gerard J. Hilinski '04
James E. Johndrow, Paul Larkin and Ryan Welch '03
Philip T. Chiu '02
Rebecca Stewart '01
Dana Bae '00
Benjamin Bruce and Geoffrey Smith '99
Eileen McCullough '98
Janina Matuszeski '97
Amy K. Barczak '96
Sanjeev Makan and Ryan M. McGhan '95
Karl Lee '94
Anastasia Rowland-Seymour '93
Scott R. Carter '92
Elizabeth Gottlieb Pavel '91E
Jennifer Wales Singleton '90
Susan E. Haney '89 and Susan E. Haney '89
Amy C. Rosenzweig '88
Mark S. Krasnoff '87
No Award '86
Timothy Jones '85
Phan T. Huynh '84
Stephen G. Milheim '83
David P. Dean and Karl C. Golnik '82
Herman M. Cho and Timothy M. Shannon, '81
Douglas C. Powers '79
Sunil D. Wijeyesekera '78