Chemistry Faculty Research

Current areas of research in the Department are:

  • inorganic and hybrid materials synthesis
  • proteostasis - balancing protein synthesis and degradation
  • biological fluorescence and single-molecule spectroscopy
  • high resolution molecular spectroscopy of jet-cooled species
  • ab initio, quantum chemical calculation of molecular properties and intermolecular interactions
  • biochemical characterization of protein tyrosine phosphatases;
  • design and synthesis of allosteric enzyme inhibitors and activators;
  • investigation of the protein folding landscape of kinetically stabilized proteins
  • development of hydrogen-exchange mass spectrometry methodology to monitor protein folding and dynamics
  • the design and synthesis of self-assembling organic nanostructures
  • a computational assessment of rapid amide-bond cleavage
  • organometallic catalyst design and polymer synthesis
  • light-initiated charge and energy transfer in nanoscale systems


Individual faculty research interests may be found by clicking on the names at left.

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