The chemical drawing program, ChemDraw, is available to anyone with a valid Amherst College e-mail address.  The program may be downloaded and installed on individually controlled computers by following the link below.  The software is available for both Mac and PC users. 

You will need to "create an account" at the PerkinElmer Informatics website (the publisher of ChemDraw) and "activate" your license.  The license has a fixed-term, so it will expire on your computer, but it may be re-activated providing you still have a valid Amherst College e-mail address.

Individual users can download the software via this link:

New users will will be downloading version 15. Older versions will continue to function throughout the term of the license, but users can choose to update to version 15 by following the instructions at the individual login link above.

ChemDraw is also installed on many public and lab computers, but this requires a different installation procedure and, the above link should NOT be used for this purpose.

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