This is a past event
Science Center, Kirkpatrick Lecture Hall - A011

Student Presenters:
Taha Ahmad; "Exploring the Structure and Intermolecular Forces of Halopropene-Acetylene and
Argon Heterodimers using Microwave Spectroscopy" (Thesis Advisors: Professors Mark Marshall and Helen Leung)

Alexander DaRosa; "Organic molecular design principles for ferroelectricity in 2,2’:6’:2’’:6’’,6-tris(oxyphenyl)amines (TOPAs)" (Thesis Advisor: Professor Ren Wiscons)

Emma Lee; "Targeting Cysteine 278 for Allosteric Inhibition of T-Cell Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase" (Thesis Advisor: Professor Anthony Bishop)

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