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Science Center, Kirkpatrick Lecture Hall - A011

Seminar Title:  Chemistry in Space - Changing What We Think We Know

Abstract: We take for granted the impact that gravity has on basic science. Keeping our solvents in place, influencing solubility, creating directionality of how heat moves – all of these basic rules are broken in a microgravity environment. Where do bubbles go? How do you mix reagents? How can you predict interactions? What impact does microgravity have on basic chemical principles? We will explore some of these questions through the context of fabrication of materials in low earth orbit.

 Dr. Anne M.Wilson graduated from Oberlin College with a B.A. in chemistry and obtained a PhD. from the University of Utah with Frederick West and Richard Ernst. After a post-doctoral research position with Marie Krafft at Florida State University, she took a position at Butler University in 1996. Her research with undergraduates is in the area of small molecule synthesis, organometallic synthesis, food and flavor chemistry, historical dyes, use of databases to categorize research in a microgravity environment, and women in science.

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