About the Classics Department



Our courses provide a broad perspective on ancient Mediterranean life through the study of literature, history, archaeology, mythology, and religious and social practices, and through the study of Greek and Latin, from introductory language classes to advanced study of some of the world’s most beautiful and profound texts. 

Learn More about the Department

  • Courses: Current and prospective students can peruse the full range of Classics Department course offerings here.
  • Prizes: The Classics Departments offers undergraduate prizes in Classics, Greek, and Latin.
  • Harry de Forest Smith Scholarship: For students of Greek in their senior year of high school, who have applied to Amherst College, the department of classics offers a first-year scholarship to be awarded on the basis of a competitive examination.
  • Holloway Classics Library Database: The Holloway Classics Library is a resource of the classics department, developed with the generous help of our alumni/ae. Suggestions and contributions are always welcome.
  • Classics Department Handbook: Amherst College faculty and staff may consult the Classics Department Handbook for information on faculty mentoring, teaching, advising, chairing the department, and more.