The Classics curriculum at Amherst College offers a wide range of courses on the languages, history, archaeology, literature, social practices, and religious beliefs of ancient Greece and Italy. The major program is designed to give a comprehensive exposure to the languages and literatures of ancient Greece and Rome as well as to provide a broad perspective of life in the ancient Mediterranean. The program accommodates and encourages a semester's or a year's study in Athens or Rome.

Students may begin Greek and/or Latin at Amherst and still have sufficient time to organize a productive major. At the same time, since the advanced courses change their topics in accordance with the interests of students, those students who have already reached an advanced level of Greek or Latin will also find challenging courses available each semester. Members of the department are always prepared to tailor courses to suit the particular interests and needs of the students involved. Please note: for first year students, placement in Latin and Greek courses is determined by discussion with department members on the basis of a student's language skills and reading experience. AP results are considered in this discussion but are not themselves, in our experience, adequate indicators of the appropriate placement.

Image Attribution: Early Red Figure Column Krater, V Century BCE, attributed to the Harrow Painter,  Mead Art Museum, Amherst College

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