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Apology *
Apology and Crito *
Apology and Crito *
Apology and Crito *
Apology of Socrates, Text and Commentary
Apology, Commentary *
Apology, De Sepctaculis; Minucius Felix, Octavius *
Apology, Text *
Appendix Vergiliana *
Appendix Vergiliana *
Apulian Red-Figured Vase-Painters of the Plain Style
Archaeology of Athens
Archaeology of Greece: An Introduction
Archaeology of Greek Colonisation: Essays dedicated to Sir John Boardman
Archaic Community of the Romans
Archaic Egypt
Archaic Fictile Revetments in Sicily & Magna Graecia
Archaic Gravestones of Attica
Archaic Greek Gems: Schools & Artists in Sixth and Early Fifth Centuries, B. C.
Archaic Marble Sculpture from the Acropolis