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Alcestis *
Alcestis *
Alcestis *
Alcestis, Text and Commentary
Alexandri Magni Macedonis, Libri III, IV *
Aliorumque Carminum Libri Tres *
All the Greek Verbs *
Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar
Altera Colloqui Latina *
Altitalisches Worterbuch *
Amazons in Greek Art
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language *
Amores, Amatoria, Remedia Amoris *
Amores, Book II *
Amores, Commentary on Book One, Vol. II *
Amores, Commentary on Book Two, Vol. III *
Amphitruo *
Amphitruo *
Amphitryon, Comedy of Asses, Pot of Gold, Two Bacchises, Captives *