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Anabasis *
Anabasis *
Anabasis, Book 1 *
Anabasis, Vol. III
Anacreontics *
Analytica, Priora et Posteriora *
Ancient City of Athens: Its Topography and Monuments
Ancient Civilization of the Etruscans: An Archaeological Adventure
Ancient Culture and Society: Social Conflicts in the Roman Republic
Ancient Cyprus: Art and Archaeology
Ancient Egypt, Introduction to
Ancient Europe: From Beginnings of Agriculture to Classical Antiquity, A Survey
Ancient Gold: Wealth of the Thracians: Treasures from Republic of Bulgaria
Ancient Greek Architects at Work: Problems of Structure and Design
Ancient Greek Art and Iconography
Ancient Greek Historians
Ancient Marbles to American Shores
Ancient Near Eastern Texts (relating to the Old Testament)
Ancient Roman City
Ancient Roman Construction in Italy from the Prehistoric Period to Augustus