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Grosvenor House, built circa 1865, was originally the home of grocer George Cutler. He sold it to Laurenus Clark Seelye, professor of rhetoric, oratory, and English literature, and his wife, Henrietta Chapin Seelye. Seelye left Amherst College in 1873 to become the first president of Smith College. The house's final resident, before it became the property of the college, was the Reverend Edwin Augustus Grosvenor '67 (1845-1936), who joined the Amherst faculty in 1891. He taught history, French language and literature, and, finally, modern government and international law until his retirement in 1914. In 1937, the house was renovated for faculty office space. The work was funded in part by a donation from one of Professor Grosvenor's sons, Dr. Gilbert H. Grosvenor '97, president of the National Geographic Society. 

Grosvenor House ca. 1870

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