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2018 FALL


Friday, October 19th                             3:00 PM

The Fifteenth Annual David Grose Memorial Lecture

Cosa: Past, Present, and Future

Russell Scott, Bryn Mawr College

UMass Amherst, Integrative Learning Center (ILC) , S240

The lecture will be followed by a round-table discussion on the future of work at Cosa with the next generation of Roman archaeologists. Reception to follow.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH                4:30 pm

Food in the Roman Empire

Giorgio Franchetti and Christina Conte

Giorgio Franchetti is an internationally renowned author, archeologist, and public historian. He is the author of two popular history books, Panem et Circenses: Vita e Morte nel Arena (2015) “Bread and Circuses: Life and Death in the Arena” and A Tavola con gli Antichi Romani (2017) “Eating with the Ancient Romans.” Franchetti has worked with government offices and academic institutions throughout Europe and the Mediterranean region to organize educational events, such as public lectures, historical reenactments, and demonstrations at archeological sites. He also consults with Italian filmmakers as an on-set advisor for projects set in Ancient Rome. 

 Franchetti will be visiting Massachusetts on a mini-speaking tour this coming November to discuss his most recent book, A Tavola con gli Antichi Romani. With the help of his colleague, Cristina Conte, a specialist in historical Roman cuisine, they will offer a spread of staple Roman dishes for the audience to taste while Franchetti explains the evolving food culture in Rome as the empire expanded into new territories and incorporated their local products and dishes into its cuisine. 

Amherst College, Frost Library, Center for Humanistic Inquiry


 2019 SPRING

Friday, April 26th

Transforming History: Generic Interaction in Greek and Roman Historiography in Honor of Professor Elizabeth Keitel


Jane Chaplin- When Historians Make History

Timothy Joseph- Ubique lamenta: The place of lament in Latin epic and historiography

Christina Kraus- Multiplying disasters: the many-fronted, multiplex bellum in Livy 5

John Marincola- Asinius Pollio and the Roman Revolution 

UMass Amherst, Campus Center

Additional details to follow.


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16TH                  4:30 PM

Contextual Relevance and the Meaning of Formulaic Epithets in Iliad 1.1-100

Seth Schein, University of California Davis

UMass Amherst, Herter Hall #301


Archaeological Institute of America, Western Massachusetts Society

Places for the Living and Places for the Dead

Paul Miller, President, Denver AIA Society

UMass Amherst, Integrated Learning Center, Room S231