For Non-Thesis Candidates

  • Comprehensive Examination --  An exam consisting of essay questions is distributed by The Department during the FIRST week of the first semester. The examination is to be completed by the FIFTH week of the first semester.


  • by taking the following courses you will fulfill the requirements for the Comprehensive Exam:

For the Greek Major- Classical Civilization 121,123, 132, or 134

For the Latin Major- Classical Civilization 124, 133, or 135

For the Classics Major-  Two courses: one from the courses fulfilling the Greek major's requirement, and one from the courses fulfilling the Latin major's requirement         

For Thesis Candidates

  • Comprehensive Examination (see above)

  • Language Examination:  written translation of approximately 50 pages of text (Greek or Latin) read independently, not as a part of course work (2 hour examination , no dictionaries)  - due before end of classes in the first semester)

  • Thesis:                                                                                                                            

    1.   Proposal and bibliography are due at the end of the first week of the first semester, within Add/Drop period.

    2.  Meet with the Department in the second week to discuss the thesis proposal.

    3.  The first chapter and Prospectus are due at the end of January Interterm, before the beginning of the second semester.

    4.  A Department/student colloquium will be scheduled in the first week of the second semester, within Add/Drop period.

    5.  Rough drafts are due the third week in March.

    6.  Completed thesis will be due to the Department on Monday of the third week of April (one copy for each professor, not on acid-free paper, and not yet bound)

    7.  Thesis defense will be scheduled in the third week of April.

    8.  Thesis is due in the Registrar’s office on the Thursday before the last day of classes (bound and on acid-free paper, with a bound copy to the Department).