For Non-Majors and New Students: Classics

Statue of a human figure The department is committed to meeting new students where they are academically and to taking them as far as they want to go. Some students enter the college with multiple years of both Greek and Latin; some have never had the opportunity to start the languages but are curious and interested; and for some that interest will be awakened only in their first semesters, often in Classical Civilization courses or First-Year Seminars. 

The courses listed as “Classics” courses are open to all students, whether or not they have studied the languages. This fall our Classics courses include Greek Civilization (Classics 123) and Roman Civilization (Classics 124).

In the Classics Department, we also offer all levels of Greek and Latin, from introductory language classes to courses offering advanced study of Greek and Latin texts. Every semester we offer at least three levels of Greek and Latin; Beginning Greek (Greek 111) is offered in both fall and spring. Students who have previously studied ancient languages should consult with department faculty to determine what courses are best suited to their level of experience.