The Amherst College Classics Club is open to all students with an interest in Greek, Latin, and/or classical civilization. The Club is active in a variety of ways. Projects have included weekly gatherings to watch the "Rome" television series, or "I, Claudius," or Zack Snyder's 2007 film of the Three Hundred. There are occasional pizza parties to discuss subjects of interest, summer or semester/year abroad opportunities, and more....

In the past, interested students were invited to research and label our collection of ancient Roman coins and view, first hand, the Greek coins in the Mead Art Museum. The Club has also performed ancient drama and readings and taken trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Most recently the Club met to view a short film, the topic of which was the study of the hairstyles of the  Caryatids of the Erechtheion-  the sculpted female figures that served as supports in the south porch of this Acropolis temple- based on the extensive research of Professor Katherine Schwab.  Following the film, Classics Club students watched with great interest while a few of their peers volunteered to have their own hair braided in either the detailed Caryatid fashion, or the Zeus-like style.

Caryatid hairstyles Zues from Artemision Caryatid Hairstyle #2 Caryatid%20hairsyle%20%231See additional photos


The Classics Club will hold its first meeting this year on Wednesday 10/2 at 7:30 pm in Grosvenor-12 for pizza, officer elections, and a brief discussion about what we want to do this year.  You're invited!  In addition, two seniors will talk briefly about their experience working on an archaeological project by Eric Poehler of UMass this summer.  It should be interesting - and tasty!

Please contact Laurie Canter (lcanter@amherst.edu) if you plan to attend.

Classics Club Poster Contest!!

Postponed- New date TBA

Win (almost) eternal fame and glory by designing a poster to adorn the door of the Classics Department office!  You too can join the ranks of Homer and Virgil by praising the great and glorious Department of Classics at Amherst College, for they have proven that commemorating great deeds brings its own greatness.

 We would like to convene to vote on poster designs and talk about opportunities for classicists and for the Classics Club over cookies next week.  Please submit your poster designs to Laurie Canter by Wednesday at noon so she can put them together in a PowerPoint for us to look at in Grosvenor 12.

The meeting has been postponed until students return from spring break.  Please feel free to offer suggestions for a suitable day and time.

 *N.B. Poster designs should contain the words "Department of Classics".

CLASSICS CLUB T-SHIRTS $12 available at the departmental office, Grosvenor 15