Computer Science

Comprehensive Exam in Computer Science

  1. The Chair of the Department will appoint a member of the Department as Comprehensive Advisor, to be responsible for the Comprehensive Examination.
  2. All majors are required to take the Comprehensive Examination in their senior year.
  3. Each student must schedule a time with the Comprehensive Advisor to take the Examination. A student may schedule a time as early as the first full week of October and as late as the last full week of February. A time must be scheduled at least four weeks in advance.
  4. The examination for Computer Science majors will consist of material from three courses: Computer Science 161, 201 and 301. The examination will be a 1-hour oral examination. During the first 15 minutes, the student will have an opportunity to review and prepare for the questions; the remaining 45 minutes will be dedicated to the examination, conducted by two professors. Two grades will be assigned: Pass and Fail. Study material is available via the menu at the left.
  5. The number of times a senior can take the Comprehensive Examination is governed by College policy: specifically, a student may take the Comprehensive Exam no more than twice during the senior year. The oral exam described above constitutes the first attempt. For each question to which a student provides a failing answer, that student must prepare a revised answer and present it to the examiners. The student must schedule a time to present any revised answers that is no later than the second full week of April. Note that many students may attempt to schedule examinations and revised presentations just before their respective deadlines; therefore, the Comprehensive Advisor may require some students to schedule time slots in the weeks before those deadlines. (Under special circumstances, a third attempt may take place in the year following senior year. See the last paragraph of the Major Requirement section in the College Handbook.)

September 2005; revised to incorporate new study materials, November 2010.