Courses in Computer Science

Spring 2020

COSC-111 Introduction to Computer Science I

Kristy Gardner (Sections 01 and 02)
Matteo Riondato (Section 03)

COSC-112 Introduction to Computer Science II

Scott P. Alfeld (Section 01)
Scott F. Kaplan (Section 02)

COSC-211 Data Structures

John E. Rager (Section 02)
Lee Spector (Section 01)

COSC-231 Programming Language Paradigms

John E. Rager (Section 01)

COSC-283 Networks

Scott F. Kaplan (Section 01)

COSC-355 Network Science

Matteo Riondato (Section 01)

COSC-383 Computer Security

Scott P. Alfeld (Section 01)

COSC-452 Seminar in Computer Science: Evolutionary Computation 

Lee Spector (Section 01)