Comprehensive Exercise in Computer Science

  1. All majors are required to do the Comprehensive Exercise in their senior year (but see 3 below)
  2. As the Comprehensive Exercise in Computer, seniors are asked to prepare a BRIEF presentation about a data structure that is new to them.  The data structure is assigned by the department. The presentation will be in the form of a video, but other than that, the exact structure is up to the student. Details will be provided to seniors at the appropriate time.
  3. Students who have earned a grade of A- or above in COSC 211, COSC 311 and COSC 171 are considered to have passed the comprehensive exercise.  Students who register for the second semester of thesis are considered to have passed the comps.
  4. The department will contact seniors about the scheduling of the exercise.  This may begin early in the fall semester.  Students who have completed the COSC 211 and COSC 311 before their senior year may be expected to be prepare the exercise at any time during the year.  
  5. The completed video is reviewed by a faculty member.  If the video is not deemed to demonstrate adequate understanding, the faculty member will make suggestions and the student will be asked to submit a revised version.

September 2005; revised to incorporate new study materials, November 2010, revised August 2017, revised October 2021 to reflect the new comprehensive exercise.