Requirements for the Computer Science Major

The Computer Science major requires nine total courses (five specific core courses and four electives) and the comprehensive evaluation.

1. The Core Courses.  Every student is required to pass or place out of these courses:
  • COSC-111 Introduction to Computer Science I (offered both semesters)
  • COSC-112 Introduction to Computer Science II (offered both semesters and JTerm 2022)
  • COSC-211 Data Structures (always offered in the fall, usually offered in the spring)
  • COSC-311 Algorithms (offered in the fall)
  • COSC-171 Systems (offered in the spring and sometimes in the fall)
2. Electives.

Every student is required to take at least four electives, chosen from courses numbered above 111.  Students who place out of any of the core courses are required to take additional electives so that they have taken at least nine Computer Science courses.  The Computer Science thesis courses COSC-498 and COSC-499 do NOT count as electives.

3. Comprehensive Exercise

Every student is required to complete a comprehensive exercise.  More information about comps in COSC.