Computer Science

Placement in Computer Science

Placement in computer science courses is handled on a student-by-student basis. If you have questions, the best thing to do is to talk to one of the computer science faculty.

Computer Science 111, 112, and 201 are core courses that involve programming and algorithmic thinking.

CS 111 is intended for students with little or no previous programming experience.

CS 112 is intended for students who have had programming experience either in CS 111 or in high school. We do not assume that you have worked in a particular language, but you should know how to use (in some language):

  • basic control constructs
  • arrays
  • functions
  • input and output
  • some kind of structure for holding related variables (for example, records in Pascal, structs in C or C++, or simple objects in C++ or Java)

CS 201 is an introduction to data structures and has a CS 111 prerequisite.  We encourage students to take CS 112 before or at the same time as CS 201, but the material will be accessible to students who have not yet taken CS 112.

Computer Science 161 is a core course that introduces hardware and software systems.  It has no prerequisite.