Fall 2007

Introduction to Asian/Pacific/American Studies

Listed in: American Studies, as AMST-25


Karen M. Cardozo (Section 01)


This course broadly explores the cultural, geographic, and intellectual boundaries of Asian American Studies. Our interdisciplinary approach will foster analytic links between studies of capitalism, gender, imperialism, and religion as these inform ethnic and racial formations. Course materials will introduce students to this burgeoning field through the different points of entry described in the Five College A/P/A Studies Certificate Program: expressions (cultural works of art, literature, film, theatre, etc.), U.S. intersections (inter-ethnic connections, for example, between Asian and African Americans), and global intersections (diaspora, migration and transnational formations). Along with its broad survey of the panethnic category of "Asian Americans," the course will feature an in-depth case study of Southeast Asian Americans (e.g., people from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam). In addition, students will have the opportunity to map the field for themselves through small group research presentations that will present material not covered by the syllabus. First semester. Five College Professor Cardozo.