Second Writing Assignment

Submitted by Carol C. Clark

Fine Arts 80 Fall 2007

Museums and Society

Second Writing Assignment

Visit an exhibition in a museum or a gallery and write a critical analysis of it informed by discussions we have had and readings we have done in the seminar.

To aid your analysis, draw a diagram of the exhibition layout and incorporate it into your paper. You should address the following questions, paying particular attention to the way the theme of the show is constructed and articulated. What is the overall impression of the exhibition and how is it expressed? What does the exhibition promote? (Art? Politics? The artist’s career?) Is the exhibition focused on aesthetics or didactics? How is the exhibition arranged? (Chronologically? Thematically?) Is the arrangement successful? How has the physical space of the gallery been manipulated to promote the goals of the exhibition? What role do labels and wall text play? What other approaches might have been possible for the same group of works of art? What would you have done differently if you had been the curator?

(Paper topic adapted courtesy of Prof. Hyewon Yi.)

Due Friday, October 26 at noon
5-6 double-spaced 12 pt. typed pages