Submitted by Samuel C. Morse
In Making and Effacing Art, Philip Fisher states, “ The museum is more than a location.  It is a script that makes certain acts possible and others unthinkable.” (p. 18)

In On Longing, Susan Stewart asserts, “Yet it is the museum, not the library, which must serve as the central metaphor of the collection; it is the museum, in it representative ness, which strives for authenticity and for closure of all space and temporality within the context at hand.” (p. 161)

Comment on these two statements in light of the work that you have done so far in the seminar.  Do the views of Fisher and Stewart complement one another?  How have they changed the way you regard the museum?

                    Due, Friday , October 5
                    4-5 double-spaced 12 pt. typed pages