Viewing/Readings for Wednesday, December 5


FILM: Dziga Vertov, “The Man with the Movie Camera" (E-reserves)

Szymon Bojko, “Agit-Prop Art: The Streets Were Their Theater” (R)

Dziga Vertov, “We: Variant of a Manifesto” (R)

Viktor Shklovsky, “Poetry and Prose in Cinema” (R)



Readings for Wednesday, November 28

Submitted by Laure A. Katsaros

Course Reader: Andre Breton, "Manifesto of Surrealism"

Penguin Book of French Poetry:

Andre Breton, "Sunflower" 678-79; "Watchfulness" 690-81; "Free Union" 682-685 

Tristan Tzara, "The Death of Guillaume Apollinaire" 693

Philippe Soupault, "Melancholia of an Avenue" 700

Robert Desnos, "I Have Dreamed so Much of You" 746-47, "The Voice of Robert Desnos" 748-751 

Readings for Monday, Nov. 12

Nina Gurianova, “A Game in Hell, Hard Work in Heaven: Deconstructing the Canon in Russian Futurist Books” (R)

Lev Rubinstein, Catalogue of Comedic Novelties


Readings for Wednesday, Nov. 7

Please read the following in Velimir Khlebnikov, The King of Time:

“Incantation by Laughter,” p. 20

“We chant and enchant,” p. 20

“The Tangled Wood,” p. 22

All poems in the section, pp. 27-32

“Russia and Me,” p. 35-36

“The One, the Only Book,” 41

Poems from the Civil War, pp. 46-48

“The Trumpet of the Martians,” pp. 126-129

“Ourselves and our Streetsteads,” pp. 133-143

"Zangezi,” Planes One to Thirteen, pp. 191-213


Readings for Monday, Nov. 5

Mayakovsky, “Vladimir Mayakovsky, a Tragedy,” selected short poems, “Cloud in Pants” (R)

Michel Aucouturier, “Theatricality as a Category of Early Twentieth-Century Russian Culture” (R)


Readings for Wednesday, Oct. 31


Read these selections in the course reader:

Benedikt Livshits, Chapters 1 and 2 of The One and a Half-Eyed Archer (R)

Ilya Zdanevich and Mikhail Larionov, “Why We Paint Ourselves: A Futurist Manifesto” (1913) (R)

Cubo-Futurist Manifestos (R)


Readings for Monday October 29

Submitted by Laure A. Katsaros

Read in the Penguin Book of French Poetry :

Guillaume Apollinaire, "Zone" (pp. 450-551) and "The Furnace" (Le Brasier), pp. 557-61.

 Blaise Cendrars, "Prose of the Transsiberian and of Little Jeanne of France", 3 extracts, pp. 573-589; "Construction", pp. 594-95

In the Course Reader (vol. 2), read Apollinaire's essay on the Cubist Painters, esp. "Aesthetic Meditations on Painting", pp. 5-27

Assignments for Monday, October 22

Elizabeth Valkenier, “Opening up to Europe: The Peredvizhniki and the Miriskusniki Respond to the West” (R)

Jane Sharp, “A Westernizing Avant-Garde” (R)


Readings for Monday, October 15

Aleksander Blok, "A Puppet Show" (and related poems) (R)

Mary Shaw, "All or Nothing: The Literature of Montmartre," from The Spirit of Montmartre: Cabarets, Humor, and the Avant-Garde, 1875-1905 (R)


Readings for Wednesday, October 10

Mallarme, “Mystery in Literature,” Writings on Performance and Fashion (R)

Bely, “Symbolism as a World View,” “The Magic of Words” (R)

Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal, “Theater as Church: The Vision of the Mystical Anarchists” (R)