Computer Science 15, Scientific Computing


David S. Hall
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Office hours: T 1:00-2:00 and W 3:00-4:00, or by appointment. I am often around at other times, too, so stop by my office or my lab, Merrill 113.

Lyle A. McGeoch
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Office hours: By appointment. I am frequently available, so feel free to call or stop by.

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Course Overview

This course explores how computation can be used effectively to solve problems arising in scientific disciplines. Topics include numerical integration, solving systems of equations and differential equations, root finding, the fast Fourier transform, statistical tests, random number generation, curve fitting, error analysis, and simulation of physical systems. We will emphasize ways of constructing correct, efficient algorithms and of implementing those algorithms well.

No previous programming experience is required, but quantitative aptitude is essential. Students will be expected to learn the basics of programming in the first few weeks and will do substantial programming throughout the semester.



Math 11.


The text is Numerical Analysis, by Timothy Sauer. It is published by Pearson Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-321-26898-9, and it is available at the Jeffrey Amherst College Store.