Fall 2007


Listed in: English, as ENGL-24


Chris Mason Johnson (Section 01)


This course is a first workshop in narrative screenplay writing. The "screenplay" is a unique and ephemeral form that exists as a blueprint for something else--a finished film. How do you convey this audio-visual medium (movies) on the page? In order to do that, the screenwriter must have some sense of what the "language of film" is, as well as some sense of what kinds of stories movies--as opposed to novels, plays, or short stories--tell well. This course will try to analyze both the language of film and the shape of film stories, as a means toward teaching the craft of screenwriting. Frequent exercises, readings, and screenings. Limited to 15 students. Preregistration is not allowed. Please consult the Creative Writing Center website for information on admission to this course. First semester. Visiting Lecturer Johnson.