Fall 2007


Listed in: English, as ENGL-95


David R. Sofield (Section 05)


Four plays, to be read slowly in conjunction with a substantial selection of the commentary on them-and a performance by a distinguished visiting troupe of players of one play-from Samuel Johnson to Stephen Greenblatt and beyond. The texts may be said to represent much of the variety of Shakespeare's work over a dozen years: three comedies, each generically different from the others: a "romantic" comedy, Twelfth Night; a "problem" comedy, Measure for Measure; and a "romance," The Winter's Tale; and the last of the principal tragedies, Macbeth. A long paper on one of these texts and brief ones on the other three. Two class meetings per week. Recommended requisite: A course in Shakespeare or his contemporaries in the theater or in poetry. Professor Sofield.