Fall 2007

Elementary German I

Listed in: German, as GERM-01


Sigrit I. Schutz (Section 01)


Our multi-media course Fokus Deutsch is based on videos depicting realistic stories of the lives of present day Germans as well as authentic documents and interviews with native speakers from all walks of life. The video program, as well as related Internet Webpages, will serve as a first-hand introduction to the German-speaking countries and will encourage students to use everyday language in a creative way. Text and audio-visual materials emphasize the mastery of speaking, writing, and reading skills that are the foundation for further study. Three hours a week for explanation and demonstration, one hour a week in small sections plus weekly viewing assignments in the laboratory. First semester. Senior Lecturer Schutz.

Teaching Assistants

Submitted by Sigrit I. Schutz

Florian Reichelt

Helene Dahlke