Fall 2007

Modern European History

Listed in: History, as HIST-75


Robert J. Bezucha (Section 01)


75. Seminar on Modern European History. (EU) The topic changes each time the course is taught. In fall 2007 the general focus will be on European overseas expansion and empire between the Seven Years War (1756-1763) and the Great War (1914-1918). We will compare and contrast the historical experience of France and Great Britain. As Maya Jasanoff has noted: "To write the history of the British Empire without including France would be like writing about the United States during the cold war without mentioning the Soviet Union." Particular attention will be given to recent trends in scholarship, as well as to the current public debate over the heritage of European colonialism and imperialism. Two class meetings per week. Not open to first-year students. Limited to 20 students. First semester. Professor Bezucha.