Fall 2007

The American Right

Listed in: Anthropology and Sociology, as SOCI-41


Jerome L. Himmelstein (Section 01)


Since the 1980s, the Right has been the dominant force in American politics. In fall 2007 this course will examine the Christian Right within a framework of sociological ideas about the social bases of political conflict. We will look at the movement's history, ideology, organizations, and leaders. We shall then examine the changing significance of religion and religiosity in American politics, with a focus on the idea of "culture wars." This will require us to look closely at the differences between how political elites of all ideological persuasions address morally charged issues and how both conservative Christians and other Americans think about these issues. Finally, we shall examine the ways Americans have come in conflict with each other over abortion, gay rights, sex education, and similar issues. First semester. Professor Himmelstein.