Spring 2008

Screening Asian Americans

Listed in: American Studies, as AMST-30


Karen M. Cardozo (Section 01)


Emphasizing contemporary issues, this course introduces students to various forms of visual media by and about Asian Americans. Using a chronological and thematic approach, various genres in advertising, television and film (including narrative dramas, documentaries, and experimental films) will be analyzed within the context of transnational Asian/American histories, cultures, and identities. Some of the issues we will address include: Orientalist stereotypes of Asians; the re/creation of history and memory; the intersections of race, class, and gender/sexuality; and interracial relations. Students will be expected to apply the critical languages of film and narrative theory to their analysis of visual texts-that is, to understand how form and content relate. Along with its broad survey of the panethnic category of "Asian Americans," the course will feature an in-depth case study of media representations of South Asian Americans (e.g., people from Bhutan, India, Pakistan). Among other assignments, students will independently review a text not covered by the syllabus and generate a final research paper. Second semester. Five College Professor Cardozo.