Spring 2008

European Architecture and Design

Listed in: European Studies, as EUST-52


Thom Long (Section 01)


(Also Art 16.) In this introductory architectural design studio, we will explore the intellectual and creative process of making and representing architectural space. We will develop and hone our analytical and representational skills as we dissect a collection of critical twentieth-century European buildings and design movements. While we explore the interdisciplinary endeavor of designing space, we will also discuss and examine the role of architecture in the public and private lives of individuals and collectives--historically and today. We will also explore traditional and contemporary architectural design tools (physical and digital representation), and learn techniques of design from 2D and 3D composition to model and design specific spaces. Our final task will be to design a structure located on a socially or politically significant European site. This course will combine lectures, reading, discussion, and extensive studio design. Limited to 8 students. Second semester. Visiting Professor Long.