Spring 2008

Conceptual Body/Visual Art


Zoulikha Bouabdellah (Section 03)


This course serves as an invitation to students to employ a video camera as a tool with which to express ideas. Students will make short movies around topics suggested during the course. Those topics should not be taken as mandatory, but rather as pretexts for practicing the use of specific tools encountered in an introduction to video. In the seminar component of the course we will view video art and explore the many possibilities of the medium, focusing especially on works using the body as protagonist. We will discuss the different stages of the process in order to think clearly about the construction, spirit and ideas used to create a film. In the studio component students will work collaboratively to make a film, writing a scenario and script, shooting the film and following with post-production and editing. The aim of this seminar-studio is to give students means to discover a new medium and its several parts: narration, performance, manipulation of imagery and, finally, installation and presentation. Limited to 20 students. Two-class meetings per week. Second semester. Artist-in-Residence Bouabdella.