Spring 2008

Child Labor and Education in Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America

Listed in: Black Studies, as BLST-34


Peter L. Moyi (Section 01)


(D)What is child labor? What is the relationship between child labor and education? Until recently, most debates on national welfare policies and international legal codes treated education and child labor as separate topics. But, over the last several years, there has been increased attention to children's labor as a dimension in their education, and to education as a dimension in their labor. This integration has implications on the ways in which we teach and learn about at-risk children in poor countries. Should education policymakers be interested or informed about children who do not go to school? Should they care what students do in addition to attending school? This seminar seeks to explore child labor in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. Topics to be explored include: the complex definitions of childhood and child labor, children's rights, gender and child labor, globalization, intolerable forms of child labor, academic impact of work on children among others. Limited to 15 students. Second semester. Mellon Visiting Professor Moyi.