January 28-30: General Discussion of Concepts, Method, and Theory

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February 4-6:  The Dogon:  The Arts and Rituals for Ancestors 

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February 11-13:  The Asante:  Myth, Rituals, and Art for Kings

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February 18-20:  Benin Kingship Art and Rituals

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February 25-27:  The Yoruba of West Africa

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March 3-5:  Yoruba Orisa Worship

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March 10-12:  Women in Yoruba Art and Religion

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Video:  "Osun"


March 14:  Mid-semester Paper Due --   NO EXTENSIONS! 


March 16-23:  Spring Break

March 24-26:  Divination and Sacrifice

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March 31-April 2:  The Igbo of Southeastern Nigeria

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April 7-9:  Two Igbo Writers:  Achebe and Nwapa

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Nwapa, F.  Efuru


April 14-16:  Rituals and Symbols of Death (i)

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April 21-23:  Rituals and Symbols of Death (ii)

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Recordings:  "Wole Soyinka Reads Yoruba Poetry"


April 28-30:  Short oral presentations of research projects


May 7, 12:00 noon:  Submission of Research Project Essays -- NO EXTENSIONS!