Spring 2008

Introduction to South African History

Listed in: Black Studies, as BLST-49  |  History, as HIST-64


Sean Redding (Section 01)


(AFP) (Also Black Studies 49.) This course will explore major themes in the history of a historically troubled but intriguing country. It will begin by examining evidence regarding indigenous cultures, move on to study the initiation and expansion of white settlement and African resistance, the effects of gold-mining, the development of racially based conflict, and African nationalism and responses to apartheid. The course will end with discussions of recent events in South Africa, particularly the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and its aftermath, as well as the AIDS epidemic. Roughly half the semester will be spent on the pre-industrial period (until 1869), and half on the period after the major mineral discoveries through to the present. Two class meetings per week. Second semester. Professor Redding.